There is currently one picnic theme available called Southern Charm (pictured below). More theme options will become available in 2022!
Please contact me for personalization to this theme! (405)982-4712

Before Booking, Please Note:
  • We do NOT offer refunds! 
  • We can reschedule your picnic with a minimum 72 hours advanced notice for a $50 minimum fee OR the cost of your food and drink.
  • Because weather is highly unpredictable, your picnic location may change due to weather. If it looks like weather may interfere with the current arrangements of your picnic, we will contact you with covered location recommendations or rescheduling options.
    - You can reschedule due to weather for a $50 minimum fee OR the cost of food and drink with a minimum 24 hour notice. 
  • We do NOT refund same day cancellations, even due to weather!


Please contact me for any questions or concerns regarding your picnic (405)982-4712